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A trusted name in the commercial construction industry, Babcock-Davis specializes in providing commercial building products – those specialty items that are not normally of highest priority but are essential components in any building project.

Architects, specifiers, general contractors and distributors rely on the Babcock-Davis product line for a quality product with hassle-free fulfillment.  Babcock-Davis takes complete care of your needs and full responsibility for the process from beginning to end, ensuring that you get the right product in the right place at the right time.

Babcock-Davis Representative : Access DoorsFloor DoorsRoof Hatches like the ThermalMAX R-20, Safety RailsSmoke Vents, and Permanent Railings which are IBC- 2015 and IBC-2018 approved.

Thaler Metal USA

Thaler Metal Products

Manufactured quality roofing specialty products from Thaler Metal USA is committed to providing state-of-the-art roofing solutions for the Architect and Roofing Consultant communities in Divisions: 5, 7, 11, 22, 23, 26, 27, 28. Architectural penetration systems: low slope & standing seam metal products. ICC-2015 Energy approved stack jacks, exhaust vent flashing, split metal flashing, mechanical & electrical flashing, drains, equipment roof-top support, window cleaning outriggers & davits, fall arrest roof anchors, horizontal life-lines, and walkways that assist the OSHA requirements through-out USA. Thaler USA fall protection products geared for roof, wall & façade applications per life, safety & welfare requirements. Able to provide a complete OSHA design to any building!


Roof Penetration Protection Systems

THE VAULT eliminates a primary cause of leaks: multiple penetrations for safe rooms, data centers, HVACR, electrical, duct work, plumbing, communications, fiber optics.

IECC 2015 energy codes/ASTM E2178-13 and E2357-11. Safe Room products by CYCLONE per VAULT – ICC 500-2014 Chapter 8 & FEMA-361 codes to meet 250+ MPH. Hurricane & Tornado protection!

Exit Seal StrategyBIM Link Downlaods and Features & Benefits


ANTI-CLOG DRAINS BY ROOF GUARD work 24/7 reducing drain cleaning and maintenance!

Cast and poly domes standard & scupper drains.

Watch the installation video for RG2016D Polyetheylene:

Watch the installation video for RG216DDC Cast iron:


Mapa Products

Rooftop pipe support systems, non-penetrating and penetrating structural supports; plumbing and electrical solutions.


Electrical Pedestals NEMA 3R rain proof enclosures

Weather-Guard Roof Top Hydrant Pedestals


Dura Strong Pavers

SofTILE AP is a fresh, innovative and resilient utility surface that protects your roofing investment year after year in all weather conditions.  UV deterioration, freeze thaw, hail, punctures and flying projectiles are all common contributors to premature failures of expensive roofing membranes.

SofTILE AP protects the membrane mechanically and thermally by providing a shield that is attractive, traffic protected and serviceable. Performance proven in the harshest climatic conditions, SofTILE AP is impervious to cracking, shifting and heaving.  (LEEDS credit available when specification of SofTILE AP is needed.)

SofTILE AP premium offers original design capability to satisfy the most discerning aesthetic requirements. SofTILE AP premium offers a multitude of both vibrant and earth tone colors that can be mixed and matched for complete design integration. Pattern, texture and color capabilities are the hallmarks of the Premium Series which also come in unlimited color options plus custom logos.


logo-vtech-skylights-web-shadowVTECH Skylights

Solid state, impact resistant, no leak, fire safe, weather proof and fall protection certified specialty skylights.

OSHA 29 CFR + ASTM DRAFT E.06.51.25 300LBS and hail proof.



Class 4 Hail Proof:


Custom curbs for every rooftop application flashing and pipe portal, pipe seals and dektites; custom design and quote any curb application.







Hollaender Architectural Railings & Newman Glass Railings by Hollaender

The Hollaender Manufacturing Company produces a wide array of architectural hand railing systems, from non-welded aluminum rails to stainless steel structural glass.  Our recognized railing designs include Interna-Rail®, Speed-Rail® and Newman by Hollaender™ (formerly known as Newman Brothers Railing).

These hand and guard railing systems meet the IBC and ADA codes. The Hollaender engineering staff can provide delegated design services to demonstrate our compliance, if needed. (OSHA Compliance per life and safety codes backed with engineered stamped designs.)

Infills are available in a wide variety of materials, all of which have been tested to meet the IBC code. We offer tempered glass in both monolithic and laminated, along with resin panels in both PETG and acrylic. Metal panels can be supplied in mesh, perforated or a more exotic pattern. Material for these metal panels range from aluminum to e-coated steel to stainless steel.

Finishes are available for our hand rails in a wide range of different patterns, colors and textures.  Aluminum systems can be anodized with clear and bronze options, or powder coated in almost any color imaginable for your job requirement.  Our steel infill panels are produced in the same wide array of colors, but are first e-coated to protect against corrosion. Our stainless-steel rail systems look great with a direction or circular brush, and panels can also be supplied in a bright dip. Triple Kynar Finishes are available.

Hollaender’s Interna-Rail® VUE

Railing for glass and acrylic infill panels offers what architects and owners the two most desirable features:

  • Transparency
  • Visibility

The Interna-Rail® VUE handrail system is a post mounted glass system where the glass panels are held at the posts, not the top and bottom rails. This minimizes the number of horizontal rails in the system which maximizes visibility.

Unlike most post-captured glass railing systems on the market, this railing frame is made of anodized aluminum, not stainless steel, resulting in a much lower cost-per-foot. Additional cost savings are created due to the fact that no holes are required in the glass, as all glass panels are supported at the bottom.

In addition, the VUE system, which uses 3/8” glass, is also less costly compared to shoe mounted structural glass, which must use ½” glass to meet codes. A high degree of transparency and visibility at a reasonable price.

Download a complete line card here.

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